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The 1300 has two pockets on either side of the cowl. The left one is locked, the right one is open.The thought behind this could be that while driving, your right hand is at the throttle so you can't use this hand to open the right pocket. When you're at a traffic light for example you could use your right hand to put something in or take something out of this pocket. Safety for all. A disadvantage is that you can't lock the right pocket so you have to remove all the stuff that's in it when you park your bike at a public place. Not that you should leave worthful stuff in your pockets, but for small things it's a convenient place to put them. Think of sunglasses, a cloth, a tirepressure meter, tickets for the toll road, reciepts of the gas station, money for parking or toll raods and so on. In the right pocket these things are available without having to unlock the lid. If you leave the bike however you take these things out for obvious reasons. Result is that many bikers don't use this right pocket at all.
This E-lock solves this problem! When the bikes is running or switched to accessoiry the lock is open. If you take the key out the lock is closed. The E-lock is powered by a solenoid that opens when the bike's on power and locks when powerd off.
So now you can use the right pocket for the things mentioned above, but you can leave them there while parking the bike because the lid is locked.
The lock is made like a door lock so can close the lid with the power switched off.
The E-lock comes with all wiring and connectors, tiewraps, mounting instructions and an emergency cord so you even can open the lock when your battery should be down.