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After mounting my Garmin 2610 I didn't need the routeholder on top of the dashboard anymore, all my paper routes are replaced by the GPS versions.
So I took the routeholder off. After that I discovered a stream of wind right in my face while driving faster than 50 km/h. Not only the wind got me by the neck, but also the rain! The wind appeared to come from under the screen right over the dashboard (where formerly the routeholder obstructed its flow).
A solution was simple, a dashboardspoiler now directs the dashboardflow parallel to the screen over my helmet.
While riding in the winter I noticed that not only the airflow was directed over my body but also the rain and the dirt that comes with it. I can imagine that in the summer the insects will be kept away as well. The last pictures below show a spoiler that isn't cleaned for 3 months and last but not least a helmet wich is treated the same way (not cleaned for 3 months).
The dashboardspoiler is mounted on two small stands fitted in the holes of the upper two clips on top of the dashboard.
This kit comes with all the mounting materials and an instruction on paper.