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bullet3 Handle Bar Risers

I made handlebar risers for the ST1300 because I wasn't pleased by the view in the mirrors.
More than half of the view was covered by the grips and my underarm.
With the risers there is a tremendous inprovement according to the mirrorview and above
that, there's a more upright relaxed sit.
Here in the Netherlands, people who bought this raisers are very enthousiastic about them!
The risers are 20 mm high, wich I think is the maximum height to gain without putting to much force at the cables and hoses in the most left and right position of the handle bars.
Another advantage of my risers against those of other parties is the slim design: there isn't a massive piece of metal underneath your bars, it looks a bit more subtile. Above that the price is an advantage too. Because they're a easyer to make they are much cheaper.
The kit is made of stainless steel and can be fitted in about 15-30 minutes. Mounting instructions are delivered with the risers.

Without Risers
With Risers