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bullet3 Mounting Garmin GPS

Here some pictures of a Touratech mount mounted on a rod between the two parts of the handlebars.

The Touratech mount holds the Garmin 2610.

To minimize reflections of the aluminium touratech in the screen and to avoid drawing the first attention when

looking to the meters, I decided to paint the touratech black.

First the touratech has to be taken apart, then the parts ungreased with thinner or alcohol, a primer applied

and finally finished with satin black.

Because the upper clamp of the touratech fits over the internal antenna of the 2610, the satelite signal is weak.

The only solution is an external antenna with a short cable. Aks for a 90 degree plug so you can leave this in the

GPS while putting the device in its carrying bag without bending the antenna cable.

I still prefer the touratech over the RAM mount because it has a lock on it so you can leave the GPS on your

bike for an unwatched moment.

To place the magnetic antenna I made an additional brace on top of the upper touratech clamp.