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The daily traffic jam contains a certain kamikaze risc for us motorbikers while driving between the cars. Though we developed a sixth sense for cars changing lanes without blinking it stays dangerous to drive through the traffic jam. Car drivers don't look very well in their mirrors and try to creep in every space they discover, left or right. A bike gets hardly noticed!
From research appears that movement is catched by the eye but for us bikers it's not an issue to move constantly from left to right to make others pay attention to us. What we can do is to let our lights take care of this.
This electrical circuit makes one of the two headlights flash to improve your visibility. My experience is that using this feature worked well as cars made room for me while driving though traffic jam.
Unfortunately not every cardriver payed enough attention to notice this signal so I added flashlights in my turnsignalunits to make my bike even more visible. The lights are made of Powerleds, built in the turninglight unit, ten at each side. The pictures of this placement are already here, the electrical circuit follws soon.